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by Elfo

Helmut Smits “Rainbow”

Beautiful and smart project called “rainbow” from Helmut Smits

ain’t got no

Music video of the single “ain’t got no” of PATRICE  based on an original artwork by the artist JR. PATRICE is also one of the music producer of the upcoming JR movie “women are heroes”.

Katie Sokoler

Katie Sokoler AKA Color Me Katie is a specialist at working with strangers. Inspired by a college project in which the then shy Katie was forced to photograph 100 strangers in 5 hours, she has since eschewed using models to stage shoots, preferring instead to promote human interaction through her [...]

toujours clean, toujours fresh

“toujours clean, toujours fresh” is the new work from Elfo.

True Colors

Four months of  exhausting hard work in an abonded area…. This is the  final result, a stop motion movie with no digital effects at all, everything is handmade. About 5000 pictures are processed with an average by 15 pictures per second.

Nature Rules

Elfo´s new work


Aryz´s new mural at an abandoned factory at Ametlla del Vallès.


Br1 150 A3 sheets piece

Nunca at Fame festival

Nunca hitting Fame Festival, Italy

Don Lucho

Amazing work from Don Lucho. All made from cardboard pieces..

Sam 3

Sam 3 “la noche” big mural for Chrono project in Lisboa

Photos by Alexander SIlva, edited by Sam3

Fame Festival - Os Gêmeos

More photos from the FAME festival, Os Gêmeos

fame festival - studiochromie


MGA is one of the talents from Rio de Janeiro. Little by little Rio is building it´s own style in street art, certainly influenced by the graffiti pioneers such as Marcelo Ment, Acme and Lets. MGA´s style keeps it simple and clean, perfect integration with the urban context. More at his flickr.

Operation Tirana

Tirana is the  the capital and largest city of Albania. A team of street artists arrived there for a project called “Operation Tirana“, a city transformation with artworks from The London Police, Morcky Troubles, Ripo, Swanski, DXTR, and Attila from Peachbeach. enjoy!

photos from Alexander Malecki


Last big colaborative painting OS GEMEOS + BLU at Lisboa…

Trusto Corp

Amazing sign language by trustocorp

Favela Painting

Haas&Hahn embarked on a journey to bring outrageous works of art to unexpected places, starting with painting enormous murals in the slums of Brazil together with the local youth.They just finish the first part of their latest project called “O morro - Favela Painting” central square at the foot of the community of [...]


from Filipo Mineli

Andrea Btoy

Andrea Btoy